What’s there to know? Let us tell you!
Get Juiced started when founding partners, Nicole and Janet, realized that they had a passion to make healthy living easier to do. When the idea of Get Juiced began, Billings had no other healthy restaurant. It was important to Nicole and Janet to be that healthy option for Billings.
For so many of us, it is not easy to eat right, nor is it easy to do. Get Juiced focuses on making it easy. We realize and understand that our bodies need vital nutrients in order to function properly, but also know that doing this takes time and knowledge.
Our staff is trained on helping you make the right decisions for your body. Weather you are coming in for anything from a lack of energy to a hangover, we have you covered.
Get Juiced takes the guess work out of it for you.
We offer fresh, healthy food options that are not only good for you but also taste good too.
So, make your life a little easier and GET JUICED!

I was born and raised in Billings and after moving away to Las Vegas, NV for college I came back to finish my degree at Montana State University-Billings. During my last few semesters as a college student I was finding it extremely difficult to eat healthy, especially when it came to eating out. I knew then that I could not be the only one trying to live a healthy life yet struggling to do so.

It was not long after graduating with my degree in Health and Human Performance that I decided to switch career paths and become an entrepreneur by opening Get Juiced. Health and fitness have always been important to me and are just as important to this company. I know what it takes to change the body you are born with or the body you have let go. It thrills me that I now get to teach others what I’ve learned about health and nutrition.

I know that this company will continue to grow, change and develop, and I cannot wait to see where it goes. My hope is that we will always be here offering healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

I hope that you chose your health to be the most important aspect in your life and I hope that you let us help you in doing so along the way.

Thank you for your business and support. Happy juicing!




I have lived in Billings, MT since 1972. For eight years I was a graphic artist at a local printing company. In 1980 I, along with nine other people, started our own printing company. When we first started the company, I continued on as the supervisor of the graphic arts department. A couple of years later I took over the responsibilities of customer service and bookkeeping. I realized I loved bookkeeping and that became my new career objective. We sold our company in 1990 but I continued on as office manager, then assistant manager and ended my career in the printing business as the general manager.

For many years I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to have a day care facility for children. In 2000, concurrent with my job at the printing company, I did just that by hiring a director and a qualified staff. Until I sold it, six years later, I had one of the most respected day cares in Billings.

The knowledge of business operations and the bookkeeping experience I bring to Get Juiced provides a valuable resource. I look forward to each day and what new opportunities arise and what decisions need to be made.

You hear about Baby Boomers and their second careers; well, I am one of those and loving it.



My passion for cooking started at a young age. I started out just mowing my grandmas lawn but it slowly developed into a yearning for cooking; as we had a once a week home cooked meal where she and I would cook all varieties of food. I was lucky and realized early on what I wanted to do with my life – be a culinary expert. I have had many jobs that led up to my current position. I started out as a Barista at a little mom and pop coffee house; baking, making sandwiches, and of course making coffee. I moved on to another small business where I worked through my high school years. This job taught me some important skills in prepping and the everyday life of a line cook.

My culinary interests exploded with passion as the years moved on. As my senior year came to end, I found out that I was accepted at my first choice of colleges, Johnson and Wales University. At Johnson and Wales I learned invaluable knowledge that I use every day as a Chef, from prepping for the day to preparing for the night, and everywhere in between. After schooling, I furthered my career as I moved my way up to a supervisor position at a classic Italian restaurant. There I learned the importance of moving fast and that time is never on your side. As I will always be grateful to my former employers, it was time for me to find my own path in the field.

I am now the Chef for my sister’s company, “Get Juiced”, where I am able to influence the recipes and input my own ideas into the juices and food that we prepare. This opportunity has made my year and hopefully will always be a big part of my life. I could hope for nothing more than success for this business and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Get Juiced MT
Get Juiced MT | Billings, MT

Get Juiced MT | Billings, MT