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What do you do on a juice cleanse?

Answer: If  you choose our full juice cleanse you will drink only juice and Water. And that’s it!

Answer: If  you choose our mini (5 Before 5) juice cleanse you will drink juice, water and a small vegetable based dinner. And that’s it!


Can I eat anything while doing a juice cleanse?

Answer: It depends on which cleanse option you choose!

If you choose our full juice cleanse you will be eliminating whole foods and soluble fiber from your diet. If you have to eat, choose only raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

If you choose our mini (5 Before 5) juice cleanse you will be eating a small vegetable dinner. This should include vegetables only in their rawest form (a small salad with no dressing, cheese or croutons is a great choice here). 


I’m diabetic, can I do a cleanse?

Answer: Check with your doctor first before doing a cleanse as complications may occur.


Can I drink alcohol while doing my cleanse?

Answer: No! The point of cleaning is to remove toxins from the body, drinking alcohol (a toxin) will defeat the purpose of doing a cleanse.


Can I drink coffee and/or tea while doing my cleanse?

Answer: No, avoid caffeine. If avoiding caffeine makes you feel nauseated or gives you headaches, try drinking hot water with lemon, ginger and raw honey instead.


Will I be on the toilet a lot while doing my cleanse?

Answer: This answer varies from person to person. Some poop a lot while some poop very little. Either one is completely okay and normal. You will most likely poop more when you start consuming whole foods again. That’s right, We said poop and we’re comfortable talking about it! 


Can I still workout while doing my cleanse?

Answer: Yes. If you want to cleanse deeply though you should try to rest, at least one whole day while cleaning. Energy levels may decrease slightly while cleansing which may effect your workout but there is no reason why you should not be able to workout.


I’m Pregnant, Can I cleanse?

Answer: No. Instead, avoid processed, sugary and fake foods. Drink juice, eat clean, rest and exercise regularly.


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Get Juiced MT | Billings, MT